The SFA Post – Illustrations of Site Content

The SFA Post is an illustrative way to show all entries on this website.

Individual post or article category is represented as an illustration.

It includes:

  • title 
  • featured image
  • article excerpt/Bible verse 

It works as a post gallery. At the same time it can be used as another sitemap. Any SFA post illustration has a link. By clicking on it, it will get you to the full article. 

Articles Categories

Illustration-Title-Articles categories-text-list of categories


Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Know God-open Bible-text-bible verse Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Experience God-lake-text-Bible verse
Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Settle into God’s Truth-text-logo-sunset-bible verse Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Salvation for everyone-torns-text
Illustration-Title-Articles Category - Victory in Christ-text-logo Illustraition-Title-The three-fold message-text-three flowers


Tools & Resources

illustration-Title-Tools & Resources-text-logo


Illustration-Title-Bible Questions and Answers-text-logo Illustration-Title-Scripture Image Gallery-text-image gallery
Illustration-Title-SFA Bible Slideshows-text-logo Illustration-Title-SFA YouTube Video Channel-logo-text
Illustration-Title-Bible Study Flashcards-text-logo  

Category: Experience God 


Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Experience God-lake-text-Bible verse


Illustration-Title-How to glorify God The ultimate guide-text on background Illustration-Title-Experience God - The Gift of The Holy Spirit-text-logo
Illustration-Title How to Walk in The Spirit - The Ultimate Guide-text-logo Light trough forest-bible-text


Category: Settle into God’s Truth 


Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Settle into God’s Truth-text-logo-sunset-bible verse


Illustration-Title-The Gift Of Repentance. Whom God Pardons He First Makes Penitent-text-logo-Bible verse Illustration-Title-The Infinite Love Of God Awaits You – Amazing And Everlasting-text-attributes of God
Illustration-Title-The Investigative Judgment Of The Professed People Of God - Ongoing-text-logo Illustration-background-open book-Title -The Truth As It Is In Jesus-text-Bible verse
Illustration-Title-The Law Of God Is Holy And Immutable - A Transcript Of His Character-text-logo Illustration-Title-The Sabbath of the Lord-text-logo
bible-open-protestant-reformers-text banner-cross-scripture


Category: Salvation For Everyone


 Illustration-Title-Articles Category-Salvation for everyone-torns-text


Illustration-thorns-crown-text-salvation Illustration-Title-The Best Gift Of God - Open Your Heart To Receive Christ-gift box-text
Illustration-Title-Christ's Atoning Sacrifice - The Infinite Value Of Our Salvation-text-logo Illustration-Title-An Everlasting Salvation-text-logo
Illustration-Title-The Captain Of Our Salvation-flashcards-text-logo Illustration-Title-How Shall We Escape If We Neglect Christ's Salvation-person-text-logo


Home – God’s power to save and transform


Illustration-Title-Last but not least - Thank you for stopping by-text-logo


Illustration-Title-About SFA-background mountain-text Illustration-Title-How To Support SFA Without Donations-text-icons-support and connect
illustration-sfa mission-text-god is love  




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