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Here you’ll find short YouTube videos designed with one thing in common – to reflect SFA mission. They aim to enhance your true knowledge of God and His Only-begotten Son Jesus Christ.

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Steps To Christ Audio Play List:

The Sinner’s Need of Christ – Chapter 1 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-Steps To Christ - Chapter 1 - The Sinner's Need Of Christ-text-logo

In Short:

Why does sinner need help?

Why only Christ could provide that remedy


Repentance – Chapter 2 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-Repentance - Steps To Christ, Chapter 2-text-logo

In Short:

Why does genuine repentance include sorrow for sin and turning away from it in heart?

Why do we must come to Christ just as we are?


Confession – Chapter 3 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-Confession -Steps To Christ, Chapter 3-text-logo

In Short:

Why acceptable confession follows sincere repentance and reformation?

What is the work that we have to do on our part as set before us in the Word of God?

Consecration – Chapter 4 – YouTubeIllustration-Consecration - Steps To Christ, Chapter 4-text-logo

In Short:

Why the warfare against self is the greatest battle that was ever fought?

Why do you need to understand the true force of your will – the power of decision or choice?


Faith And Acceptance – Chapter 5 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-Faith And Acceptance - Steps To Christ, Chapter 5-logo-text

In short:

You have confessed your sins and put them away in heart. You have resolved to give yourself to God.

Now ask Him to wash away your sins and give you a new heart. Then believe that He does this because He has promised.

The Test Of Discipleship – Chapter 6 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-The Test Of Discipleship - Steps To Christ , Chapter 6-text-logo

In Short:

Why the things we once hated we now love, and the things we once loved, we hate?

Why only love that is of God can modify the character and ennoble the affections?

Growing up into Christ – Chapter 7 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-Growing Up Into Christ - Steps To Christ, Chapter 7-text-logo

In Short:

You grow in Christ in the same way you received Him at first – As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.

By faith you became Christ’s and by faith you are to grow up in Him.


The Work and the Life – Chapter 8 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-The Work And The Life - Steps To Christ, Chapter 8





A Knowledge of God – Chapter 9 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-A Knowledge Of God - Steps To Christ, Chapter 9-text-logo

In Short:

God makes Himself known to us and brings us into communion with Him in:
His providence

The Privilege of Prayer – Chapter 10 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-The Privilege Of Prayer - Steps To Christ, Chapter 10-text-logo

In Short:

Prayer is to open your heart to God as to a friend.

There are certain conditions upon which God will hear and answer our prayers.


What to Do With Doubt – Chapter 11 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-What To Do With Doubt - Steps To Christ, Chapter 11-logo-text

In Short:

How shall I know the right way?

If the Bible is indeed the word of God, how can I be freed from these doubts and perplexities?


Rejoicing In the Lord – Chapter 12 – YouTubeIllustration-Title-Rejoicing In the Lord - Steps To Christ, Chapter 12-text-logo

In Short:

Christian is the epistle of Christ, known and read of all men.

Jesus has promised His aid, but not apart from our effort.



Know God’s Power To Save As Revealed In The Everlasting Gospel – YouTube


Who is God? Reverence, Glory and Worship of God – YouTube


Simple As That – YouTube




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