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We register a February 2020 Milestone of 629 monthly pageviews.  Please see the Jetpack graph bellow. 

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SFA site stats – Google Analytics (Jan 2019 – Dec 2019)

A reading of 6,436 pageviews has been registered for year 2019. 

Thanks for all your Like and Share!

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Though this number looks insignificant for the internet giants, it means allot to us. 

SFA site stats – Google Analytics (Sep 2018 – Aug 2019)


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Site stats by Country for the same period.

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A big part of the site stats are made from our social media friends. Thank you for all your Like and Share. 

The chart bellow shows this website data since the time of launching it in Mar 2018 till Aug 2019.

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Site stats according to Jetpack

This is a WordPress build in feature. It is more conservative (or limited) comparing to Google Analytics.  In other words readings are different.

The graph below shows January/July results for 2019. The middle average is 466. It is slightly under our milestone of 500.

Illustration-Milestone 2019-first 7 months

The first 1 K readings. 

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The top 10 for 2018

All of those pages haven’t been published at the same time. One of the fastest ranking so far is Steps To Christ page. Though it was published a month ago only, ranks pretty well for all time. 

Site Stats-Pageviews 2018-list of pages


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  • Know God – about God and His Only-begotten Son Jesus Christ »
  • Experience God – His love, mercy, righteousness, and other awesome attributes of His character »
  • Settle into God’s Truth – the way that you cannot be moved with eyes fixed upon the Savior »
  • Victory in Christ – the wonderful possibility of being like Christ »
  • Threefold message – light of the world development prior to Christ second advent »
  • Salvation for everyone – he sinless One has taken your place and He has borne your guilt »

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