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Steps To Christ Book Presentation 


An Everlasting Salvation. The Grace Of God Had Appeared To All!


The Captain Of Our Salvation: Be Of Good Cheer. I Am With You!


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The Work o Redemption – Part 1

The Work o Redemption – Part 2

The Work o Redemption – Part 3

The Everlasting Gospel

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The Law of God

The Home of the Saved

Last-day World Condition

Reverence, Glory and Worship of God

The Work of Redemption – Part 1

The Work of Redemption – Part 2

The Work of Redemption – Part 3

The Everlasting Gospel


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  • Know God – about God and His Only-begotten Son Jesus Christ »
  • Experience God – His love, mercy, righteousness, and other awesome attributes of His character »
  • Settle into God’s Truth – the way that you cannot be moved with eyes fixed upon the Savior »
  • Victory in Christ – the wonderful possibility of being like Christ »
  • Threefold message – light of the world development prior to Christ second advent »
  • Salvation for everyone – the sinless One has taken your place and He has borne your guilt »



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