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Scripture Images are Bible verses of Matthew on different background.

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Illustration-background-yoke-bench-Bible text-You shall find rest, Matthew 11 verse 29-

Matthew 11:29

Illustration - Kingdom Of Gog in Matthew 6 verse 33 - text - Bible verse - background - sky

Matthew 6:33

Illustration - Follow Christ in Matthew 16 verse 24 - text - Bible verse - background - forestMatthew 16:24 Illustration-background-dark an light bleu-title-This is my beloved Son in Matthew 3 verse 17-text-Biblr verse

Matthew 3:17

Illustration-landscape-sheers on green fields-title-Blessed are the peacemakers in Matthew 5 verse 9-Bible text

Matthew 5:9

Illustration-landscape-title-In vain they worship in Matthew 15 verse 9-text-Bible verse

Matthew 15:9

Illustration-background-open book on table with colorful lives-title-Him only serve in Matthew 4 verse 10-text-Bible verse

Matthew 4:10

Illustration-background-cloudy sky-title-The Son will reveal in Matthew 11 verse 27-text-Bible verse

Matthew 11:27

Illustration-background-yellow leaves-title-Wedding garment in Matthew 22 verse 12-text-Bible verse

Matthew 22:12

Illustration-landscape-evergreens-mountain top-text-Bible verse-Matthew 5 verse 17

Matthew 5:17

Matthew 7:12

Illustration - landscape - river - flower - lily - text - Into the kingdom of heaven - Matthew 7 verse 21

Matthew 7:21

Bible verse

Matthew 1:21

The ten commandments, the law of God

Matthew 22:37, 39


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