Bibles And GC Books For Zambia

Welcome to Bibles And GC Books For Zambia 

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New fundraising project

You can make a difference.

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Help us to bring Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books that are much in need to souls who are hungering and thirsting for God’s Word in remote areas and villages of Kawambwa, ZAMBIA.

They will be purchased locally from

Present Truth Christian Book Store

46 PWD Street, PO Box 730000

Kawambwa, Zambia


Main coordinator there is Elder Chabby Alfred Chabala. (

Freewill gifts can be transferred to:

  1. Elder Chabby Alfred Chabala via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram. For details about direct deposit email Elder Chabala.
  2. SFA – Bibles to Zambia by Stripe Services
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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Elder Chabby Alfred Chabala.

Thanks for your time and effort. Please remember this in your prayers and share it as well.

Have you been blessed?